Our mission is to make your next race or event the most successful it can be. With our years of experience directing races and fundraising events in the Charlotte area, we are here to help you throughout the planning, management, and execution process.

Are you looking for someone to tell you what you need to know to put on a winning 5K? Are you hoping to find a race director for hire that will take care of everything for you? Maybe you’re interested in something in between. Whatever scenario, we have the expertise to help you plan and manage your next race or charity event.

Check out our event management packages below, or contact us to discuss your specific needs!


Let us take care of just about everything! All you need to do is get people to your event, and we’ll make sure they have a fabulous time.


We’ll create a custom package to help where you need it most. Whether it’s designing a race course, finding a venue for your fundraising walk, or organizing your post-event party, we can help!


We’ll tell you everything you need to know to create a 5K or Walk event. We’ll be here to help every step of the way with unlimited access to race experts by phone or email.

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