Planning, coordinating and directing a 5K or fundraising walk is hard work. Believe us, we get it!

But, for all of the hard work that goes into planning a run or walk, the joy and excitement of experiencing a well-managed event is hard to beat. That’s why we’re here.

With a full service event management package, virtually the only thing you’ll need to do is help get runners to your race. We take care of everything else. Sound like a plan? Take a look at what’s covered in a full service package below and contact us when you’re ready to plan your next event!


  • Finding and reserving your venue 
  • Designing a race course
  • City/county permit application 
  • Contracting a timing company 
  • Contracting a course company 
  • Managing all vendor and sub-contractor relations (DJ, EMTs, traffic control, entertainment, rentals, etc)
  • Coordinate, transport and set up table/tent rentals (CLIENT secures volunteers for set-up)
  • Assist with marketing emails campaigns
  • Create and execute volunteer management plan (CLIENT secures volunteers) 
  • Coordinate with sponsors (CLIENT secures sponsors)
  • Full management of participant registration website and participant customer service
  • Facilitate order for shirt, medals and other giveaways
  • Set up and manage packet pickup event 
  • Mange packet shipping
  • Assist with fundraising email campaigns

For a complete description of Comprehensive Service Package, contact Custom packages and pricing are available based on your needs.



We’ll tell you everything you need to know to create a 5K event.  We’ll be here to help every step of the way with unlimited access to race experts by phone or email. 


We’ll create a custom package to help where you need it most.   Whether it’s designing a course, hiring a timer, or organizing your post-race party, we can help!